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Wall Organization

Man Cave Wall Organization

If tools are piling up try storage solutions by Man Cave Custom Cabinets to organize your goods. Our shelves, racks and trays are fabricated from diamond plate aluminum, steel and/or stainless steel and are made in the U.S.A. Storage by Man Cave is long-lasting, durable and rust resistant. Our designs are unique and stylish to fit in your environment where a storage solution is needed.  

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     Stainless Steel Satin Finish Tissue Holder Stainless Steel Rubber Glove or Tissue Dispenser, Wall Mount

    Glove and Tissue Dispenser

    Medical offices, garages and shops love our wall mount dispenser for handy access to rubber gloves or tissues. Made from Aluminum, Brushed Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel to match your style.  Two sizes available: Glove:  2...

    $33.95 - $39.95
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    Corner Shelf
Corner Shelf with Slight Bent Corner

    Corner Shelf - Blem

    Occasionally we have a bump or scratched product and we take the opportunity to offer these quality garage products to you. The Corner Shelf has a slightly bent edge but will still hold your items without fail. The shelf will fit nicely in any...

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    Diamond Plate Oil and Aerosol Tray 24" x 4.5" x 6" Stainless Steel Accent Diamond Plate Oil and Aerosol Tray 24" x 4.5" x 6" Stainless Steel Accent

    Oil and Aerosol Shop Trays

    Diamond Plate Wall Mounted Oil and Aerosol Storage Tray with Optional Accent Bar When building a personal style in your Man Cave start with our diamond plate storage tray and choose an accent color to give your cave some bravura. Tray bolts securely...

    $42.95 - $48.95
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  • Shop Towel Box Holder, Diamond Plate Shop Towel Box Holder, Diamond Plate

    Shop Towel Box Holder

    Wall mounted Diamond Plate Shop Towel Dispenser measures 10" x 10" x 13.5".  Fits the SCOTT® Shop towel box. For Garage & shop, job site clean up, plumbing and basements, the diamond plate holder will keep your towels handy for...

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    Diamond Plate Corner Shelf 20" Diamond Plate Corner Shelf

    Diamond Plate Corner Storage Shelf

    Diamond Plate Corner Shelf will maximize your garage storage in the unused corners of your shop.  Make your things more accessible by storing them on this attractive shelf. Buy more than one to stack them in the corners for a great look. Super gift...

    $53.95 - $90.95
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  • Diamond Plate Coat Hanger, Aluminum 5 Hook, Red Hooks Hanger Group

    Lightweight Aluminum Multi Hook Hangers

    Multi Hook Lightweight Diamond Plate Wall Mounted Hangers The multi hook wall hanger is made for the shop organizer who needs a place to hang their hats and other accessories. Try mounting your wall hanger by the back door or in your garage for quick...

    $55.95 - $80.95
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  • Helmet Storage Shelf Stainless Steel Helmet Storage

    Stainless Steel Helmet Storage

    14" or 28" Helmet Storage Shelf  Fabricated from 304 polished stainless steel and aluminum Room for one or two standard sized racing helmets. Added gear hanger slots for clothes and accessories.  Store your suit and helmet together in the...

    $95.95 - $159.95
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  • Aluminum Tool Box Wall Mount Shelf Diamond Plate Tool Box Wall Mount Shelf

    Tool Box Wall Mount Shelf

    Tool Box Wall Mount Shelf Mount your tool box up and out of the way. Handy side slots to hang bungee cords and gear. Sides are made from light weight smooth or diamond plate aluminum. Stainless steel shelf for a rust free polished finish...

    $149.95 - $154.95
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  • Diamond Plate Helmet Shelf with Hanger Slots Diamond Plate Helmet Shelf with Hanger Slots

    Diamond Plate Helmet Storage

    Diamond Plate Helmet Storage Super shelf for helmets and gear. Ideal for racers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Protect your helmets by keeping them out of the way but easy to access. Extra bottom shelf for more storage. Two garment hangers underneath for...

    $299.95 - $389.95
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  • Powder Coated Sandstone Set Sandstone Air Hose Rack

    Sandstone Garage Organization Set

    Sandstone powder coated steel set includes at 29" Shop Stool, 5 Hook Coat Hanger, Air Hose Rack with Tray and Broom Holder. Coated with textured black and sandstone for a unique look and contrast.  Free Shipping! Sturdy products for your shop or...

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